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Regardless of the use, generators are a combustion engine. Most generators use gasoline or propane or natural gas. All fuel has advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline generators are the most common type of generator because gasoline is easily obtainable. However there are many down sides. The first is gas is expensive and will only increase during an emergency. If you’re using the most expensive fuel be prepared to pay for it because you know they will hike up the cost. The next is, you can always depend on gasoline going bad. It only takes a few months. Your generator will not start because the gasoline has gummed up the carburetor. Not only does gasoline pollute the air it is also very easy to spill, the fumes become toxic to breath. All it takes is an errant spark. The main purpose of your generator is to be a power source during an emergency. That's why Hospital, police stations and large company depend on the generator to start when they need it. You mainly know propane for their use in barbecues grills and propane forklift. But it is becoming very popular for generators because of the many advantages over gasoline. It comes in cylinders that make it virtually impossible to spill. And if it spills, Propane evaporates. It is also cleaner burning. For emergency propane generators is the choice of fuel. It can still be filled when there is a power outage. It doesn't require electricity to fill a propane tank. It also has a longer shelf life. You can store gasoline for up to 12 months where as propane can be stored indefinitely. It will literally out last the cylinder holding it. This will allow you to stock up on propane without worrying about the fuel going bad.


There are alot of kits out there for almost every type of generator. cost and range depends on what make and model of generator you have. This hurrican season be ready have your generater converted to use TRI-FUEL (gasoline, LPG, & propane). Don't get cought looking for gasoline and not finding any like the last time

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Propane & Natural Gas Consumption Rates

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